Photo of Britney SpearsBBM has always believed in giving credit where credit’s due. That’s why we’re here to commend Melissa Willis for not doing drugs in front of her kid.

Well done.

She dumped the kid at a stranger’s house for two days instead.

Oh dear.

Police have confirmed that the caring mother knocked on a random door in her apartment block, told the stranger her car needed repairs, left the kid and went to get high for the weekend.
The impromptu babysitter called child services after the mother didn’t return for several hours.

“After I’d smacked him around a bit and taken some photos I just got bored,” said the neighbour, “so I called the cops to take him away.”

Personally we think this mother is a disgrace. A child should stay with you at all times. Otherwise who’s going to hold the lighter under the spoon when your arms are tired?