Pizza SignSOME criminals are so sly, while some just have the munchies.

Here’s a tip; if you’re going to rob a pizza delivery driver, it’s probably best to end the phone call before you hatch the plan.
You know, just in case they hear you and send a cop wearing a Domino’s uniform.

It was all over for petty criminal Kevon Whitfield and his 14-year-old sidekick when their plans to rob a pizza delivery driver were overheard after they forgot to hang up the phone.

Fucking genius.

The boys scrapped the plan in the end and just snatched the pizza and ran. Then they got arrested.
Again, genius.

BBM is so jealous. When we tried this trick, we found out they put pineapple on our meatlovers and had to take it back. Incompetent twats.