image of dagg day afternoonNobody took heed when Goldie Lookin Chain warned us that ‘Guns don’t kill people, rappers do’ on their 2004 album.

The navy crew of the HMS Astute nuclear submarine learned this the hard way when sailor Ryan Donovan, 22, opened fire on his superiors after being rejected shore leave, killing a Lieutenant Commander and maiming another.

Donovan is a fan of rap music and calls himself Reggie Moondogg according to his internet video clip.

Witnesses described how Seaman Moondogg entered the brig wearing camouflage gear and let off six shots. Nobody thought it suspicious that there was a walking bush on a nuclear sub approaching them with an assault rifle.

Luckily the gunman was tackled by visiting council leader, Royston Smith, who has been quite modest about the incident in his detailed description of how he saved the crew single handed. Rumours are circling that he is now being trained by Steven Segal for his debut UFC fight.