Tom_CruiseIF you ever needed more proof of the harming effects that Scientology has on your mind, Tom Cruise has backed David Beckham to be back in action for England at the next World Cup.
Cruise, who clearly knows nothing about ‘soccer’, shrugged off the fact that Becks will be 39 come 2014 and said: “I wish he was playing in the World Cup this year, but he will be back for the next one, you know.”
No we don’t know Tom. We really don’t. If by some miracle Beckham does still feature in the national team by the time Brazil 2014 comes around, he would be the oldest outfield player ever to grace a major tournament with England.
Cruise also acted in surprise when told he was being lined up to play Becks in a film about the sarong-loving stick-shagger.
“You know what, I didn’t hear that one,” he added.
Considering Tom’s recent lack of contact with the real world, this means it’s almost certainly true.