Anyone familiar with BBM’s criminal record will know of our harmless pastime of hiding naked in bushes behind the houses of young female celebrities – but a bloke in Devon has just put our shrubbery-based shenanigans to shame.
The man in question was running about drunk and naked in the middle of the night while using a large tree branch to attack cars. Which if you ask us is a lot worse than crying and touching yourself in someone’s garden – but you try telling Holly Willoughby’s lawyers that.
Officers in Totnes were called in after the suspect, who “smelled strongly of petrol”, caused a ruckus with his branch bashing antics in the Bridgetown area. They found him completely nude, and said that they were only able to “subdue” him by using a foam fire extinguisher.
In a statement published on Facebook, Devon and Cornwall Police wrote: “Upon police arrival, he [the suspect] threw bottles, a petrol can and wood at the first car on scene, but was brought under control by officers. A fire extinguisher was used to marinate him in foam.”
Marinate? A poor choice of words or has Heston Blumenthal gone too far?