Just exactly what defines an “emergency” can vary wildly from person to person.
For some people, simply swallowing a peanut can be an emergency, for others not getting enough sugar can be a big issue. And for Holly Willoughby, seeing a grown man naked in her backyard apparently constitutes an emergency too.
But some things clearly aren’t emergencies – like the woman who went to Poole Hospital in Dorset because she cracked a fingernail.
Hospital staff revealed the ‘emergency’ as part of a campaign to stop people wasting time.
Another ‘patient’ attended the emergency department because ‘they couldn’t get a good night’s sleep at home’. And other crap crises cases include people suffering from paper cuts, cold sores, sore throats and mild sunburn.
Richard Renaut, chief operating officer at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, said: “Time spent treating minor ailments reduces the time we have to treat seriously unwell patients who come through our doors.”
It’s not known if man flu is still considered an emergency.