IN yet another blow to sex workers around the world it has now been revealed that oral sex is bad for you.


BBM’s not too worried, it’s only bad for the giver, not the taker. Phew!

Research from the US this week has found that oral cancer caused by the human papilloma virus is more common than oral cancer caused by tobacco.

So here’s the good news- we can all start smoking again. Oral sex is now the leading cause of oral cancer in the US, with an increase of 225% since 1974.

Maura Gillison, researcher at Ohio State University, says we’ve mostly got white men to blame as they’re responsible for most of the increase.

Damnit! We just lost $50, our bet was riding on either hookers or lesbians. Can’t win ‘em all.

The list of dangerous things to put in your mouth is getting too long to remember. Cigarettes, alcohol, fatty food, chocolate ice cream, Paris Hilton. BBM is sick of hearing about it.