WHAT can be better than a good old sledge race, well how about you only wear panties and a helmet. Most occasions this would get you arrested but for 13 lucky men and 13 lucky women they had one day where it was allowed.

All in the name of Charity the “Naked Sledging World Championship” saw these 26 individuals take to a 90 metre long iced slope to be crowned champion. 400 people applied to take part, that’s a lot of people willing to get naked in front of over 17,000 viewers. Sitting and watching from the warmth of our living rooms sounds much better thanks.

Next year’s race is already set and plans in motion, we wonder if it will make the olympics as a national sport? Race Organiser stated “This year attracted more people than ever. The naked sledgers definitely got things hotting up, even in such cold conditions.” Crazy idiots is what I would say. Coats are made for a reason.