Canadian Man has Buffalo as a House PetThe Canadian’s really are a funny bunch. Ok, we know we’ve probably been brainwashed by years of South Park into thinking this, but come on! A buffalo as a house pet?

Jim Sautner and his pet buffalo, Bailey Junior like to go down the pub, cruise around in his convertible and regularly perform meet and greets with the locals.

The bizaar pairing of Jim and his buffalo began when Bailey Junior was orphaned as a calf. Jim and his wife took in the little beast and kept him safe both indoors and outdoors however, shocker – buffalos are big. Little Bailey grew to 6ft tall and 8 ft long.

Weighing in at 1,820 pounds Bailey Junior the buffalo is pretty much the biggest house pet in the world. Let’s just hope he’s house-trained, as that’s one steaming pile of crap you do not want to come home to.

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