Pregnant woman craves roadkillWe all know that some women develop absurd cravings when they’re pregnant, from coal to obscene amounts of yoghurt, and according to says Peter S. Bernstein, MD, MPH, medical director some even odder things,”During pregnancy a woman can crave — and eat — things like dirt, laundry starch, crayons, ground up clay pots, ice scraped from the freezer. As bizarre as it seems, the desire can be overwhelming,” but roadkill? That’s just fowl! (Get it)

42-year-old artist and taxidermist, Alison Brierley, from North Yorkshire has developed a taste for roadkill since she has become pregnant. Commenting on her weird craving, Brierley said, “I would like to try fox and badger but they’re never in good enough condition to eat; although I have used them for my artwork.”

Often collecting up roadkill for the sake of art and to make jewellery from their skulls, Brierley is now chowing down on pheasants, hare, deer, pigeon, rabbit and owls. Is it just us or would you say her pregnancy has merely made her become a posh diner?

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