Dildos Come Top in Wrongly Recycled ListEnfield Council in London has recently announced that vibrators, blow up dolls and an urn containing ashes are among items that have been wrongly placed in recycling bins. The urn however was placed on the owner’s doorstep when found in a refuse collection bin, phew.

The council said it “beggared belief” over what some locals had put had into the recycling bins. Other items placed into the recycling bins include dead pets, oil paintings, a fish tank and other sex toys, along with a plastic Christmas tree, which was put into an organic waste bin.

It’s not all laughs as Chris Bond, Enfield counselor states, “It’s no laughing matter because if recycling is contaminated it has to be sent to landfill and it costs us a fortune to dispose of it.”

Bond further adds “residents are working really hard to recycle more than ever before but I’d urge them to think long and hard about whether it’s really suitable to put a blow up doll in their recycling”. We here at BBM don’t really like the idea of someone recycling a blow up doll or vibrator, you wouldn’t know where it’s been.

By David Mahoney