Bogged down by daddy issuesWhen BBM needs to drop the kids off at the pool, give us a Game of Thrones book and we can be in there for a good hour. But we have to tip our hat to a 21-year-old Palestinian woman who claims she’s been on the bog for a piles-busting 10 years.
Baraa Melhem says she was locked in a bathroom for the past decade by her father, who only let her out in the dead of night so she could clean the house.

Melhem said her father would tell her that “People are monsters” as the reason she wasn’t let out of the shithouse. “And don’t forget to scrub around the rim this time,” he would presumably add.

Palestinian police said they freed Melhem from the small bathroom of a home in the West Bank city of Qalqilya after an anonymous tip.

Melhem told Voice of Palestine radio that when she was 11, her father confined her to the toilet and did not allow her to go to school or see her mother, whom he had divorced.
According to a statement issued by Palestinian police, the father, citing a “family dispute,” admitted to locking up his daughter and feeding her mainly bread. On the plus side, at least he didn’t give her curries. Imagine that – suffocated by your own bum gas.

She was beaten with a baton and metal wires and given only one blanket to keep her warm, said social worker Hala Shreim.
“The bathroom was only 1-1/2 meters big, it was like a cell,” Shreim said. “Her only consolation was a radio which kept her connected to the world … She told me that she loves life and has to live.”

It is unsure whether ‘severe constipation’ is a good enough legal reason to keep a kid trapped in a bathroom for ten years.

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