Latest slash-and-hack computer gameVideo game giants Sega are set to give the phrase ‘cock-fighting’ a whole new angle with their latest project – a game machine that works by measuring how fast and loud you piss into a urinal.

The ‘Toylet’ device is fitted into bar bathroom urinals, which are fitted with sensors and small digital displays at eye level.

A novel idea? Or did Sega just get the wrong end of the stick when they heard Nintendo were working on a wee console?

“This gives bar customers more things to talk about when they return from bathrooms to their tables,” said Hiroyuki Tanaka, Sega spokesman. “We have had good feedback from our customers that toilet cleanliness has improved.”
Five games are available so far, including “Hold, Manneken Pis!”, named after a famous Brussels fountain depicting a small boy in the act. Players compete on the volume of their piss on that one, but in “Splashing Battle!” the user takes on the previous visitor in a virtual fight based on stream strength.

Amazingly, the game titled “Violent wind warning has been issued” has nothing to do with other lavatory explosions – instead the player tries to blow up a virtual girl’s skirt with a digital wind, the strength of which depends on the power of your urine flow.
Sega has installed about 130 Toylets at around 100 bars and restaurants across Japan for 150,000 yen each. We don’t know about you but it sounds like a dodgy idea to BBM. We can barely go when there’s some bloke stood next to us, throw in a digital death fight and it’ll be straight to the cubicle every time – even if we only want a number one.

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