For any would-be bride or groom, being a good judge of character is a pretty useful skill when you’re thinking of spending the rest of your life with someone special.
So we wouldn’t bank on the English husband-to-be who chose Martyn Galvin as his best man to be the shrewdest person when it comes to picking a winner.
Galvin, a close friend of the groom’s for 18 years, made a rather impressive bid to be named worst best man of all time after getting all his mates to chip in for a £7,945 stag do – then pretending to have cancer and stealing the money.
“I was beyond devastated,” the betrayed groom, who did not wish to be named, said in court. “The fact he could do that to everyone is beyond belief.
“I felt like I was living the script from a soap drama. It tore me apart that Martyn used the most important day of my life to get money.”
Let’s just hope he didn’t get him to look after the ring too.