DocBrownClocktowerSAD Yank Corey Goldfeder proposed to his girlfriend this week by editing a special screening of her favourite flick, Back To The Future, so that he appeared in it as the lead character.
Good job she didn’t like Brokeback Mountain eh Corey?
The 28-year-old, who we’re surprised even has a girlfriend considering how much time he obviously spends on his computer, arranged a fake Michael J Fox festival at a cinema and hired a fake audience just to surprise her.
“The cinema manager was happy to help with supporting details such as adding Back To The Future to the cinema front,”  said the freak.
“Using borrowed equipment, I had digitally replaced Michael J Fox’s face with my own. With some careful splicing and voiceover work, I staged a conversation between Doc and Marty McFly – with my face – about whether it was time to propose.
“At the end of this conversation, the movie-me turned to face the camera and prompted the real me to propose.”
Well done Corey. Now maybe you can use those amazing editing skills to make it look like you’ve got a life as well.