french_surrendermonkeymagAS news goes, it’s in the same category as the Berlin Wall falling and the end of Apartheid in South Africa.
Finally, after 210 years of oppression, women of the world will finally be legally allowed to wear trousers in Paris. Vive le France!
Apparently, some weird-ass law from the 19th century means that it’s techincally against the law for French women to wear trousers in the nation’s capital – unless they are holding the reins of a horse. The French eh? Dirty buggers.
Well now a new Parliamentary bill has sought to abolish the rarely enforced law.
The last time ministers tried to quash it was in 1969,  but the mayor of Paris’s at the time ruled it would be ‘unwise’. Presumably, he was aware of French women’s aversion to leg-shaving.
“Mon dieu!” said Frenchie McFrenchman while wearing a stripy top, beret and necklace of onions. “Ze ledeez legz, dey are, ow you ingleesh say, too airee!”