actor_alec_baldwin_5060546IS Tottenham winning a Champions League place one of the greatest footballing achievements of the last few years?
Or is it just a sad synopsis of the game today when finishing fourth is considered ‘better than winning the FA Cup’ to paraphrase Harry Redknapp?
Well it’s a trick question really because they’re both true. Spurs beating Man City last week to secure a top four finish was one in the eye for the oil-rich sheiks who spend millions trying to buy success, as well as a bloody ace bit of season-long management from Harry himself.
But BBM has a sneaking suspicion that this is just delaying the inevitable, and the big losers of all this could actually be Liverpool.
Let’s look at next season. There’s a good chance that Liverpool will lose both Torres and Gerrard in the summer. Losing just one of their two star men would leave the Reds looking decidedly mid-table next year. If they’re lucky, Rafa Benitez will fuck off as well.
As for Spurs fans, we have one piece of advice. Suck it up because it’s going to be downhill from now on. Distracted by Europe’s biggest competition, which they will do well to get out of the group stages in, there’s no bloody chance of them getting fourth again. Which paves the way for Man City to spend more mega bucks over the summer and take the very short step into the ‘big four’, possibly replacing Liverpool for the next few years. Some of you might dismiss us as cynical arseholes, and you’d be right, but as a great man once said to Luke Skywalker after chopping his hand off: “search your feelings, you know it to be true!”
Granted, you’re probably not yelling “but that’s impossible!” while gripping a metal pole one-handed in a big wind tunnel, but the point stands.