sherminatorTHERE’S clearly something in the water in Stoke. Some kind of supervillain-created toxic agent that increases a man’s testosterone levels so that they resort to their most primal aggressive instincts.
In little under two seasons, Tony Pulis’ players have had two on-field fights and an alleged training ground headbutting from Pulis on James Beattie. Now, in true WWE style, Dave Kitson (pictured) has come out to the press to bait Pulis into some kind of ill-advised wrestling match.
Kitson, or The Ginger Prince as he’s known to grappling fans, wasn’t happy at being singled out for criticism following Stoke’s 7-0 battering to Chelsea the other day.
Pulis, who wears a mask in the ring and calls himself The Goblin King, accused Kitson and fellow striker Tuncay of being “precious” and “living in a bubble”.
“What Tony said wasn’t right,” said Kitson.  “I worked stacking shelves in a supermarket for five years before becoming a footballer – I can do real life.
How can you attack a player in the media when you’ve spoken to that player and said ‘In future, come and see me one-on-one’?
“And now it’s like I’m responsible for everything.
“’Cloudy in Stoke? That’s Kitson’s fault.’ ‘The traffic’s terrible on the way to training? Blame Kitson for that too’.”
He would have carried on like that, but then Pulis hit him over the head with a steel chair from behind.