1218018598595_fIF there’s one man who represents everything Arsenal hate, an anti-Arsene if you will, it’s Sam Allardyce.
He may wear one of those stupid ear microphone things, he may eat pasta, and he might love buying formerly brilliant continental stars – but Big Sam (pictured below) is a modern-day throwback to good old fashioned British tactics of physical football and big men up front.
And, surprise, surprise, after Sam’s Blackburn side scored a surprise victory over Arsenal, striker Jason Roberts has come out and admitted what we all knew.
“We are a big side and we used it to our advantage to beat one of the best sides in Europe,” said Roberts. “If the opposition don’t like it then great – more power to us. Let’s be honest, if we’re going to try to play the beautiful game against Arsenal we are going to lose.”
Will Arsene Wenger learn from this and bring in some football-playing enforcers in the middle of the field over the summer? Or will he spend another season whining about how his young players were bullied by Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn etc again?
Only time will tell.