Asteroid To Hit Earth In 2040Looks like we’re all doomed. An asteroid is schedule to collide with earth in 2040 and will most likely kill us all. So sod saving up for your pension now and go and blow all your life savings after your 60th birthday on drugs, women and fast cars.

Or listen to what the science guys had to say about the deadly asteroid.

“2011 AG5 is the object which currently has the highest chance of impacting the Earth … in 2040. However, we have only observed it for about half an orbit, thus the confidence in these calculations is still not very high,” said Detlef Koschny of the European Space Agency’s Solar System Missions Division in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

“In our Action Team 14 discussions, we thus concluded that it not necessarily can be called a ‘real’ threat. To do that, ideally, we should have at least one, if not two, full orbits observed,” Koschny told

Ah well, the dinosaurs had their time and were fairly clean living, then we came along and messed up the planet in a fraction of the time they were around, so we suppose we deserve it.

Right that’s it, Ben Affleck better come up with a plan to save our souls.

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