£20,000 Tracy Emin Sculpture Smashed at Teenager’s Gallery PartyAs art dealer Kenny Schachter has realized, handing your gallery over to your teenage sons for a wild party just isn’t a scenario that is going to end well.

The victim of the boys’ revelling was a £20,000 Tracy Emin sculpture that was knocked to the ground where it shattered into tiny pieces after an over-enthusiastic girl danced into it.

The party was held at Rove Gallery in Hoxton, East London as the launch event for a show in which young artists, including Mr Schachter’s sons, Adrian, 15 and Kai, 14, get the chance to exhibit alongside major artists like Emin, Damien Hirst, Keith Tyson, Sigmar Polke and George Condo.

Luckily, Emin is a good sport when it comes to party related mishaps and insisted that she was not upset about the smashed piece, a glass box containing two bronze figures, stating: “Accidents happen.”

However, Mr Schachter was slightly less nonchalant about the accident and has ordered Adrian and Kai to pay for the damage out of their pocket money.

Poor things. It looks like there will be no more Haribo for them, we assume, for the rest of their natural lives. Oops.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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