christina aguilera 2Aguilera To Get “Stripped” Once More

Christina Aguilera has recently announced plans of a brand new album, that will return to the sound and themes of her best selling album “Stripped”. This follows the announcement of the singer divorcing her husband of 5 years earlier this month.

The Dirrty singer returned with her electronic influenced album ‘Bionic’ earlier this year, however the record witness lackluster sales with only 200,000 copies sold in the US, her worst performance on the chart.

2002’s ‘Stripped’ turned Aguilera into a global superstar, yet her following albums haven’t been able to live up to the previous sales.

Aguilera told InStyle this month that she is “actually in the studio recording the next album, which has a different vibe. “I think now we’re back to going a little deeper, in the vein where I recorded my Stripped record, which was very personal and more introspective”.

Aguilera’s movie debut ‘Burlesque’ is released at the end of this month.