MICHAEL“Breaking News” : New Michael Jackson Song Premieres.

Sony Records this week have premiered a brand new Michael Jackson song entitled ‘Breaking News’, following the announcement of a posthumous release from the late singer, entitled ‘Michael’.

The track is the first song we’ve heard since 2003’s ‘One More Chance’ and since the singer’s tragic death last June. Reports have it that ‘Breaking News’ was recorded in New Jersey in 2007, and was presumably a demo that has been neatened up and perfected for it’s commercial release.

However there has been much speculation that the vocals that appear on the track, are not in fact those of the late King of Pop. Jackson’s nephew took to Twitter to attack the song stating: “Deceptively merging shady vocals with MJ samples (from prior MJ records) will never fool me. Why they would ignore the obvious, look the other way and rush a suspicious track that was NEVER on my Uncle’s radar is beyond me”.

A Sony Epic Records representative has stated that they have “complete confidence in the results of our extensive research as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with Michael that the vocals on the new album are his own”.

Breaking News is available to stream on www.michaeljackson.com now, with ‘Michael’ hitting the shelves next month.