Pram WalkersPetty as they may be, things like speed cameras and laws against talking on the phone while driving are there for our own good.

So a round of applause for the police officer in West Australia who, it was revealed this week, fined a woman $250 under the dangerous driving laws for talking on her phone while pushing a pram. It’s men like that who keep us safe from baby-walking maniacs. Sadly, the loony left got hold of the story and managed to strong-arm the police into letting this violent criminal off the hook.

“It was recognised as incorrect within 24 hours,” backtracked inspector Bill Munnee. “As a result, the officer’s OIC [officer in charge] immediately contacted the woman involved, attended her address and apologised and cancelled the infringement notice.”

Disgusting. She should be strung up with all the other scum out there.

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