Izabela Lukomska-PyzalskaIt’s a universal law of attraction that women with an interest in football immediately have their hotness factor multiplied by ten. Just look at Karren Brady. If you passed her on the street, you wouldn’t look twice – except maybe for a quick glance at her tits. But BBM would be happy to bet good money that 80 per cent of West Ham and Birmingham season ticket holders have had a cheeky wank over Mrs Paul Peschisolido, possibly followed by a dream about how their awesome love-making skills convinced her to put more money into the club’s transfer kitty.

So if that’s what happens to a borderline boiler like Brady, imagine the spunkfest that would occur if Kelly Brook took over your local club. Well that’s pretty much what’s happened at Polish club Warta Poznan, where season tickets have soared after one of Poland’s top glamour models took charge as club president.

Izabela Lukomska-Pyzalska may have a moniker that’s near-impossible to pronounce, but she’s a household name in her native country after making a career of posing without her clothes on in dozens of magazines – among them the Polish version of Playboy.

Now, at the still shaggable age of 34, her career has branched in a different direction after she was installed as president of the second-tier side.

This is no honorary appointment, however. Lukomska-Pyzalska is determined to be taken seriously and has already been out on the training pitch to keep her relegation-threatened players on their toes.

“I’m going to impose discipline and good organisation, as you would in any other successful business,” she insisted, while soaping her tits up at a car wash.

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