wish_you_were_here_girlAUSSIES wouldn’t bat an eyelid at driving a couple of hundred kilometres for a day out, but the British and Irish have a completely different conception of distance. Any trip longer than half an hour requires a month’s advanced planning, an overnight bag and a friend to come and feed the fish in your absence.
And so it is that Dubliners always make excuses not to visit County Donegal in the country’s north west. But that’s all set to change as tourism chiefs hitch up their skirts, flash some cleavage and begin wooing the nation’s capital.
“The hospitality, heritage and scenery of the north west are closer than people think,” said non other than former Donegal Person of the Year John Carr.
Donegal representatives plan to pimp out the Temple Bar in Dublin with Donegal paraphernalia and images of wind-puckered white flesh enjoying games of golf, fishing and other outdoor activities.
“We hope to once and for all dispel the myth that Donegal is too far away for a holiday,” said a Donegal representative.