Kerry KatonaWE don’t need another hero!
So sang Tina Turner on her 1980s hit smash Nutbush City Limits. And how accurate the be-wigged warbler’s words have proved to be as the series Heroes is the latest in a long line of high-profile Yank shows to have been cancelled.
Law & Order, Scrubs and medical drama Mercy have all also been canned recently, although the end of Heroes is the only one we’re bothered about. It
may have been shit, but it gave us Hayden Panettiere in a cheerleader
outfit and for that, we will be forever thankful.

So things have been looking up recently for Kerry Katona, but we’re sure doom and failure are just around the corner.
It’s been reported that she’s found love again through the portals of Facebook with a painter and decorator from Warrington.
Although her management insist she move down south to be near them, and stay away from men for a while, it would appear that the professional train wreck has flouted all suggestions that might help get her career back, and once again gone for a bloke that may well be after her cash.
We’re not surprised anyone with actual money won’t go near her, as she clearly doesn’t know how to hold on to it. Queue over eating, coke binges, liposuction, and repeat til finish.