youveyougottahavefaithAh poor old George Michael, we do sympathise with you, but even Boy George is making you look like a wimp now, no one saw him crying about being in prison when he went, if anything he showed how tough he was, not to mention emerging looking fat and blokey instead of the his usual glamorous gender bender self. Michael recently received a letter from Paul Macartney in an attempt to keep his spirits up. Apparently the letter was two pages long, and Macca wrote about how his empathy for him, from when he was locked up for 10 days in Tokyo in 1980 for being found with cannibis. The letter also said he would see him soon when he gets out and to keep his chin up. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, he’s in a category C prison in Suffolk, not Guantanamo Bay. Suck it up Georgey!