Withdrawal Symptoms (World News)AHH, the elderly. Such a fun combination of naivety, cluelessness and the faint smell of urine. Unless you’re our grandparents in which case, get back to making us dinner!

You see, while us young folk enjoy taking risks and living life on the wild side, our elder community don’t trust a lot of people. Especially people in authority. Take the unnamed pensioner (pictured) who didn’t trust banks and kept his money in his car for example.

He’d saved $2,000 a year to ensure he could support himself in his retirement. For many years, he stashed the money under his bed, but when his guard dog died he put the money in his car. After reading BBM for a while, surely you know where this is going.

Last week he decided to bundle groups of $10,000 into eight small plastic bags. He left them on the roof of his car. He drove to work. Hilarity ensured!

He’s offered a reward if somebody found the cash. He asked his grandson to help look for the money but he was too busy taking his new boat out for a spin.