whats the time mr warren (Uk news)Remember that childhood game, what’s the time mr wolf?. Time is something that we all need to know. Whether it’s looking at your watch for what time the train will be here or checking your mobile for what time dinner needs to be on, we all need the correct time.

Not John and Jany Warren from Somerset. They live in their own time frame an hour ahead of the rest of the UK. When we put the clocks back for winter they didn’t. How on earth do they get to work on time?

Four years ago was when they stopped putting their clocks back in the belief that it was the darker days that triggered John’s migraines. He used to suffer up to eight attacks a day and since living an hour ahead of us all has insisted that they have improved. He stated, “It eased my headaches and it works for us. Some people think we’re strange but we lead quiet lives.” Don’t ask these two for the time then.

As well as having a shorter winter than us, their heating and lighting bills are a third lower so maybe there is something in it after all. Should we all go an hour ahead?

Maddie Daniels