what's that incessant tweetingWhat’s the incessant tweeting noise? Oh it’s Kanye West

We’re thinking we’re going to tire of writing about these predictable celebs one day. In fact we might start reporting on them doing normal activities, like Cher was seen buying bog roll from the 7/11 – because let’s face it, that would be more exciting than Kanye West spouting the usual egocentric, holier than though bullshit, however if you haven’t ever logged on to his twitter, he’s a sneak peak at the pearls of wisdom he so enjoys to tweet. Firstly there’s this one “This is rock and roll life my people… you can’t stop the truth you can’t stop the music and I have to be strong or “they” win!!!!” Hmm who’s they? The little green people in spaceships coming for him, and then he said, “Sometimes it’s not simple, some days it’s not easy… I just want to create. I love you guys, thanks for the support!” Our next tweet might go like this “@Kanyewest do one.