love's ground hog dayLove’s Ground Hog Day

Does this need any comment? After all it’s becoming a weekly occurance isn’t it? When a NY Times reporter went to interview bleach blonde mentalist Courtney Love at the Mercer Hotel recently she decided to bare all…literally. Please see the below report and judge accordingly:
Shortly after 8 p.m., Ms. Love burst into the room with the Marchesa dress slung on one arm and the noted German Neo-Expressionist artist Anselm Kiefer on the other. She was entirely naked and leaning on Mr. Kiefer for support. She made one lap around the room, walking in front of a photographer, an assistant, a hairstylist and me.

She pulled over her head a transparent lace dress that covered up nothing, and demanded my assistance – “Not you,” she said to Mr. Kiefer, who was bent over trying to help her – to stuff her feet into a pair of black Givenchy heels that were zipped up the back and tied with delicate laces in the front.
Then she applied a slash of red lipstick in the vicinity of her mouth. “I really must get out of here,” Mr. Kiefer said. “Just a minute,” Ms. Love said, as she pushed her feet, shoes and all, through a pair of Pink knickers that she said cost $4,000. She grabbed a trench coat, walked through the hotel lobby with her breasts exposed to an assortment of prominent fashion figures, including Stefano Pilati, the Yves Saint Laurent designer, and then exited the hotel.