What a bunch of WonkasWhat a bunch of Wonkas
WHILE most people back in Britain are struggling to make ends meet back home, it’s nice to know people are still happy to shell out £13.99 on making a complete twat of themselves and bringing shame to their family for the sake of a cheap joke.
Yes we’re talking about the magic of changing your name by deed poll – with a record number of new monikers being recorded for 2010.
Blighty is now home to in-no way idiotic residents like Willy Wonka, Miss Jelly St Tots and Mr Her Majesty The Queen. New mum Ceejay Epton, 22, from Doncaster now has Europe’s longest name after changing it “for a laugh” after her baby was born.
She became Ceejay A Apple B Boat C Cat D Dog E Elephant F Flower G Goat H House I Igloo J Jellyfish K Kite L Lion M Monkey N Nurse O Octopus P Penguin Q Queen R Robot S Sun T Tree U Umbrella V Violin W Whale X X-Ray Y Yo-Yo Z Zebra Terryn Feuji-Sharemi.
Fed-up Austin Kettle from Ipswich, Suffolk changed her name to Mrs Lorraine Darla I Hate Thomas Cook And Its Associates Big Shot Company Treading On The Little Guy Leeks after the travel firm blundered on the bride-to-be’s holiday booking.
Liverpool fan Jack Crookes became Steven Gerrard as a 16th birthday present from his mum.
He said: “I love it. It’s the best present I have ever had. I love having my hero’s name in my name.”
That’s grade A parenting right there.