IN A TRAGIC case “When The Dukes of Hazzard go wrong” a bloke from Cork has been given a five-year suspended sentence for accidentally driving his car off a ferry at full accelaration, killing his mate in the passenger seat.

Sebastien Loniewski pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Krystian Mielnik, who drowned when his friend’s Volkswagen Polo car plunged into Cork Harbour on their way back from a football match.

Loniewski, 38, had already been a bit of an arsehole earlier after jumping a queue of cars to board the ferry and then ignoring a crewman’s directions to park his VW at the front near the safety barrier.

Then, when a large wave hit the ferry, the car rolled forward and Loniewski panicked. He frantically searched for the brake pedal, accidentally hit the accelerator instead and the VW burst through the safety barrier, up the loading ramp and into the drink.

He managed to escape, but his mate wasn’t as lucky.