Unlucky Burglar Gets Trapped in ChimneyUnlucky Burglar Gets Trapped in Chimney

An Atlanta resident had a shock this week when upon returning home she was met by the local fire crew pulling a would-be burglar out of her chimney.

Clearly feeling the festive spirit, 17 year old Ronaldo Montez Jack got stuck in Tsehainesh Kidane’s chimney for over 10 hours before a neighbour heard his calls for help and dialled 911.

Jack was finally hoisted out at 1.30pm, telling rescuers with the Gwinnett County Fire Department that he had been stuck in the chimney since about 3 a.m.

Firefighters pulled him from the chimney to the roof where Police brought him down a ladder and placed him under arrest on the ground.

Jack, clearly a gifted criminal, attempted to evade Police by giving them a false name. However, one of the cops recognised him and now Jack is up for burglary and giving false information to a police officer.

All that and he never even got in the house. I think this kid ought to leave breaking and entering through chimneys to the fat, white bearded, black booted professional of this world. Or get an air-borne sleigh with a winch.

By Rebecca Jones, Twitter RebeccaEJones


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