AS if Charlie’s not copping enough stick for his recent hospitalisation for a “hernia” slash coke habit.


Now comedienne Joan Rivers in getting in on the act claiming he’s a bad role model (duh) and should clean up his act for the sake of his children.


Joan (pictured) told The Advocate, “I think he’s an ass. When you have a child, darling, you’d better start setting an example. Childhood for you is over when you have a child. I find it outrageous to be carrying on like that.”


And boy has Joan set an example for her children. She definitely has been practicing what she preaches. That’s why all her children were given facelifts, tummy-tucks and nose jobs as they shot out of her.


Joan continued the verbal-bashing by asking, “What am I going to tell my grandson who watches Two and a Half Men? I just think he’s awful.”


Well, that’s not a very nice thing to say about your grandson.