Twitter is a PR’s nightmare. Musicians are put in direct contact with the world and no amount of media training can save some musicians from shooting themselves in the foot. Here are some our favourite debut tweets, PR’s close your eyes.
Kanye West
Ah the ever relatable and responsible Kanye West. This post shows that Kanye always had a parental side to him, possibly should of stuck with just looking after the water bottle though. Big Job.
Trey SongzHow is it that Trey Songz sounds like he is trying to undress you with a slinky bass line, with just a tweet. It’s a unique skill, not sure if its an enviable one though.
Lil Wayne
What even is a biotch? Seriously. And what is that weird C? And who’s LO? And why so many full stops? So many questions.
Robin Thicke
Classy as always Robin. You fight those stereotypes.
Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding completely changing the popular opinion thats she’s a bit of a wet blanket.