You may want to sit down for this funny news, and maybe not on the toilet..
A grim word of warning for any ladies suffering from chronic constipation – don’t try and force it out or you could end up having a baby.
that’s what happened to Charlotte Bryant, 20, who visited three GPs in the run up to her son’s birth and not one noticed she was nine months pregnant.
She ended up giving birth on the toilet, not long after taking some laxatives because the bonkers doctors told her she was suffering constipation.
“I was prescribed with a big box of powder laxatives. I went home and took one and then a short time later I felt an urge to go to the toilet,” she said.
“I sat on the toilet and I felt something really odd between my legs. It was like a poo but it felt like it was coming from the wrong place. I felt the urge to push and then as I looked down and I saw a face looking at me. It was absolutely surreal.”
That’s enough for one day we think.