tis the season to recycleWe spend the whole year doing our bit for the environment and Christmas is normally the time we let that slip slightly. Not this year though! All the way over in Taichung six students from Transworld University made a festive 12-meter tree out of plastic spoons.

It all came about when the students won a competition set up by the Taichung authorities for the best design of a Christmas tree made out of recycle-able goods. We guess the students like KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) so much that they saw the spoons and had a brain wave. 80,000 spoons to be exact.

The Mayor of Taichung stated, “Christmas must be celebrated in an eco-friendly way, and it is the same when we choose clothing or when we take a shower. An eco-friendly Christmas tree is a sign of an improved society, and a symbol of creativity.” No doubts about creativity, but come on a few thousand spoons won’t change the attitudes of the world.

Thanks guys, now we all have to be green this Christmas, and that doesn’t mean getting a real Christmas tree either. How will Santa come if he has to be eco?

By Maddie Daniels