Congratulations to Tony McCoy who has won this year’s BBC sports personality of the year award. All together now… WHO?!

Apparently McCoy is some nice guy jockey who won the Grand National in April on Don’t Push It.

“It is a wonderful thing for horse racing, as well as myself. I can’t describe how I feel,” said the 36-year-old Northern Irishman (pictured).

McCoy won nearly 42 per cent of the public vote, with darts star Phil Taylor second and athlete Jessica Ennis third.

Does anyone even care about the BBC sports personality award anymore? There was that bizarre year when Sue Barker suddenly turned into Sid James and said something about keeping Gavin Henson out of Church for the Six Nations. Other than that it’s been snoozeville for about a decade.

Couldn’t they make it more interesting by getting the candidates to perform their sport on stage in front of Simon Cowell before the public vote?

Imagine the carnage if he’d called Joe Calzaghe a talentless Welsh prat. Watching Cowell have a pair of shoes shoved forcibly up his own anus – now THAT would have been good telly.