tindallWith their stunning good looks, England heroics and ultra-posh wives, it’s almost impossible to tell Mike Tindall and David Beckham apart these days.

So it was inevitable that the strikingly-beautiful Tindall (pictured) would have a ‘Rebecca Loos’ moment after he was snapped ‘canoodling’ with a mystery blonde on a night out at the Rugby World Cup. But like the good boy he is, Tindall held his hands up, admitted he’d had a couple of drinks in the bar with her and gone home. Fair play.
Unfortunately, more footage of him appeared in a different bar on the same night with his blonde ladyfriend still in tow.

Again, Tindall held his hands up “it’s a fair cop” he said, admitting he’d lied the first time and claiming he was too drunk to remember going to the other bar.
Now it’s emerged the “mystery” blonde was an ex-girlfriend of Tindall’s. Oh dear.

At the current rate of development, there should be pictures on the web of Tindall with his cock in the blonde’s mouth by the middle of November. Let’s see how he gets out of that one.