Cheer up Forest FansAt the end of last season, Nottingham Forest chairman Nigel Doughty had a decision to make. “Do I stick with a manager who, while he may be a pain in the ass, has constantly gotten teams on a tight budget into the Championship play-offs? Or do I hire a very boring, very affable manager with a track record of throwing huge sums of money at mediocre players to achieve very little success.” Alas, Doughty chose the latter option, dumping Billy ‘successive play-offs’ Davies for Steve ‘comical accents’ McClaren.

Inevitably, McClaren was shit – spending a fortune to bring Premier League level players to the club, moaning when he couldn’t get more, and then leading the club to fourth bottom after six defeats in 10 games.
It was no surprise when McClaren walked away from the club, somehow managing to tarnish his already shit reputation, but less predictable was Doughty stepping down from his position as well.

“It was a very poor decision on my behalf to appoint him,” said Doughty. “I felt it was appropriate I take some responsibility and am stepping down as well as soon as we find a replacement.”
Cheer up Forest fans, at least Peter Ridsdale isn’t available.