Baggage Conveyor BeltIt’s standard procedure to get a bit pissed at the airport before a flight. What’s not so normal, is to get so drunk you end up falling asleep on the baggage conveyor belt.

But that’s exactly what happened to a 36-year-old Norwegian man, who spent 15 minutes travelling round on the belt, next to an unmanned check-in desk.

Airport security guards at Fiumcino airport in Rome only found the unnamed man when they were checking for suspicious packages and his body appeared on the x-ray screen.

The man was taken to hospital to be checked over after fears he may be suffering from the exposure to powerful x-rays. He is now being investigated for causing alarm.

An airport official told the Metro: “It’s impossible to avoid a situation like this if there’s no employee at the check-in desk.”

The man had apparently checked in to a flight to Oslo with a beer in his hand. Lad.

At least he’s got a good holiday story to tell his mates – as long as he doesn’t get locked up for ‘causing alarm’, obviously.

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