More tails from our weird little island include some nutter contortionist who was unfortunately claustrophobic. So naturally her mother decided to step in and cure her daughter of the phobia, by putting her in bins – might we add at this point that the girl in question in 23-years-old, so it’s not quite child abuse. Kirsty Nicholson of Middlesborough, has spent her life dreaming of being in the circus, commenting, “I’ve always been really flexible but petrified of small spaces so, when I was told I had to be the girl in a bottle to be part of the show, I didn’t think I could do it.” Apparently the bendy one, once cured of her phobia has been playing tricks on her family by getting into shelves in their wardrobes and hiding under the kitchen sink…scamp. We can think of a few other things she could do with those flexibility talents.