killspidermanBBM is no maths professor but we reckon shoplifting must make up around 114 percent of all crime in Australia.
It’s easy to do and you rarely get caught. Just ask our head designer Kylie. Or klepto Kylie as we call her.
So how unlucky would you have to be not just to get caught, but to be taken down for shoplifting by a bunch of superheroes and Jedi knights who all happen to be in the same store?
That’s what happened to a bloke in Adelaide, who tried to nab a $160 X-Men omnibus during International Comic Book Day, when most of the other Comic Store customers were all dressed as their favourite hero.
The unnamed man’s suspicious activity was first picked up by the keen spider-senses of Michael Boulderstone (who was dressed as the webslinger himself). After a brief scuffle, in which the would-be supervillain’s escape was blocked by two Jedi knights and The Flash, he was forced to hand the book back and wait for police.