asbo_chav_big• IT’S official! Thanks to the selfless campaigning of a convicted drug abuser and thief, it’s now legal to show your pants in public.
Rushden lad Ellis Drummond, 18, faced an ASBO order which included a ban on “wearing trousers so low beneath the waistline that members of the public are able to see his underwear” following convictions last month for assault, possession of Class B drugs and theft. The ASBO would also have stopped him wearing a hooded top with the hood up.
But the ‘no pants on show’ ruling was thrown out by a District Judge as it would have convened Drummond’s human rights.
He was instead handed a four-year order prohibiting him from using threatening behaviour, begging or entering the grounds of Bedford College.
That distant noise you just heard was the sound of the Daily Mail imploding.