The Worst Way to Smuggle 204kg of CocaineNot content with the old washing powder or flour disguises, Bolivian drug smugglers have been caught trying to transport 204kg of Cocaine in brick shapes wrapped in Nazi Swastikas.

The bizarrely packaged truck load of drugs, carrying a street value of over £10 million, was made by Bolivian police in the town of Warnes where it was on its way to be cut at a local farm.

No explanation has yet been given for the bizarre swastikas except that the smugglers must be a bunch of absolute morons. Didn’t they think that a truck load of Nazi swastikas would attract a bit of attention?

It’s not exactly on the criminal level of ‘The Wire’ is it? Honestly, I’m beginning to lose faith in the criminal underworld.

By Rebecca Jones

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