The Washington Nugget Saga ContinuedThe George Washington Chicken Mc Nugget saga continues.

After popping the chicken nuggets that resembles George Washington on Ebay, a frenzied bidding war ensued and the price of the 3-year-old nugget rose to a whopping £5,000. However whichever knob-head bid on it, thinking it was a wise investment apparently came to their senses and has chickened out of the deal.

Nugget seller, Rebekah Speight had aimed to raise £15,000 for the members of the Family Worship Center in Sioux City to go on a summer camp expedition.

We suggest she go about carving a potato into Jesus, or selling a celeriac and claiming it is the vegetable embodiment of John Merrick, a.k.a The Elephant Man in order to meet her target.

As for the George Washington nugget, it is now being offered to the second highest bidder.

Read the original story here.

By Fanny Frangipane

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