Ronery Kim Jong Il Lookalike Struggles To Find LoveA man from Acton, West London who has carved a career from his likeness to the late Korean leader Kim Jong Il is struggling to find love.

William Cheong, a hotel worker, is 5ft 4in – about the same height as Kim Jong Il, and is finding his features a turn off with the opposite sex.

He said: “I’m single and have no children and I would love to meet someone but looking like Kim Jong Il doesn’t help, as you can imagine.”

43 year-old Mr Cheong has starred in overseas ads, but his acting career hasn’t lead to a very good love life.

The puppet version on Kim Jong Il sang about being “ronery” in the film Team America: World Police, and poor Mr Cheong seems to be following suit.

The Korean despot’s death in December has left another impersonator fearing that his career is over. Kim Young-Sik, 61, has appeared on a chocolate advert in the Middle East and also on Japanese TV said: “People try to comfort me saying some figures are more famous when they’re dead but I don’t think this will be the case with Kim.”

Let’s hope Mr Cheong doesn’t stay ronery and can find love soon! There must be plenty of single ladies out there who would love a Kim Jong Il lookalike, right?

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