chad_kroeger_stuttgartWe’ve all got debt to worry about but sometimes it’s just too hard to not put that last round of drinks on your credit card.
However it’s an age-old case of mo’ money mo’ problems for Nicolas Cage (right) at the moment as he struggles to pay off his debts.
The Face Off actor has allegedly wracked up huge debts for leasing two vintage Rolls Royces on a 60 month contract costing a mere £6,640 per month, for which he is now being sued well over £160,000 for.
And just to add to his woes his ex-wife is suing him for £8.6 million, and the icing on the cake…it is reported he owes more than £3.9 million in unpaid taxes. Quick someone give this dude a blockbuster movie, or he’s going to be cleaning Hollywood toilets. Or, worse still, he might do another National Treasure film.